I am sure that after playing the first version of the game you enjoyed it so much that are searching for the Happy Wheels 3 and most up-to-date versions of the game.  I will tell you a secret – there is no Happy Wheels 3 right now. The developer isn’t  [ Read More ]

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Happy Wheels 2 is back with even more dangerous tracks and levels. Your mission in this game is just to have fun playing the game with your favorite characters and reach the finish alive. The game has a lot of interesting levels as well as new characters and vehicles. I  [ Read More ]

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Happy Wheels is the most popular flash game today with more than 10 million active gamers who play the game each month. The game has a lot of interesting features, such as Level Editor where you can create own levels and a big variety of different characters and vehicles. The  [ Read More ]

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Welcome to the MyHappyWheels.org - a website where you can find all versions of the popular racing flash game - Happy Wheels. We tried to collect all useful information about the game at one website, that's why, here you are able to play them all for free and enjoy our society.

Why Happy Wheels?

This question is rather interesting. In my opinion Happy Wheels game is one of the most popular flash game today, that's why I decided to dedicated the website to this game. I love this game very much, cause there are several features in this game that makes is unique and addicting.

Characters of Happy Wheels

In fact there are a lot of different characters in the Happy Wheels game, I will tell you about the main characters that were created when the game was released:
  • Wheelchair Guy- The first and maybe the best character of happy wheels. His jet powered wheelchair will help you to drive through different challanges
  • Segway Guy -gets around on a silver segway
  • Irresponsible dad-The most famous character of the Happy Wheels. A lot of funny memes can be found on the internet about this character. Rides a busycle with a small son. The son of the Irresponsible dad is also controllable character of the game.

  • Create Own Levels

    Did you know that in Happy Wheels game you can create your own levels and submit them to the developer? The simple but very good Level Editor that can be found on the game menu will help you to create a funny level and share it with your friends. Try it
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